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Wichita, KS - Work was high quality and they worked very quickly. I will use Apple Electric again due to the price and that Carlos is a highly skilled and honest Christian man and guarantees his work.


Wichita, KS - After having 2 other Electrical contractors work on the problems such as breakers tripping, and lights dimming. I called Apple Electric to once again diagnose any problem. The estimate was done within a week of initial call and the estimator found that I had needed a service replacement because he actually opened up the panel box, pulled out the existing breaker and found most of the breakers in the panel were doubled up and no ground was on the system.

The crew came out approximetly a week later and had the service replaced withen 4 hours. The owner was on site at all times working along side the crew. What impressed me the most was he had a crew on the exterior working on the service entrance and a crew working on the interior at the same time due to the excessive heat and not wanting to inconvience us any more then necessary. All materials and mess were fully cleaned up by the before leaving. The inspection passed easily, and another plus the electrical panel is marked in laymens terms where I understand which breaker feeds exacly what fixture.

I Highly recommend this company for any Electrical work.

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